Javascript Naming Conventions

Overview of standard naming conventions for Javascript

Naming Conventions

In JavaScript, there are several naming conventions that are commonly followed to improve code readability and maintainability. While these conventions are not strictly enforced by the language itself, following them can make your code more consistent and easier to understand. Here are some commonly accepted naming conventions in JavaScript:

Variable and Function Names:

  • Use descriptive and meaningful names that reflect the purpose or functionality of the variable or function.
  • Start variable and function names with a lowercase letter.
  • For multi-word names, use camelCase, where each word (except the first) is capitalized, e.g., myVariable, calculateTotal.

Constant Names:

  • Use uppercase letters for constant names.
  • Separate words with underscores, e.g., MAX_SIZE, PI.

Constructor Names:

  • Use PascalCase, where the first letter of each word is capitalized, for constructor names.
  • Constructors are typically used to create objects, so they are often named using nouns or noun phrases, e.g., Person, Car.

Class Names:

  • Use PascalCase for class names, similar to constructor names.
  • Classes represent blueprints for creating objects, so they are often named using nouns or noun phrases, e.g., User, ProductController.

Module and File Names:

  • Use lowercase letters for module and file names.
  • Separate words with hyphens or underscores, e.g., my-module.js, my_file.js.

Global Variables:

  • Avoid using global variables as much as possible. When needed, prefix them with a unique identifier to avoid naming conflicts.
  • For example, if your project is named "MyApp," you could use MyApp_globalVariable.

Naming Conventions for Specific Cases:

  • Event handlers: Use the prefix "on" followed by the event name, e.g., onClick, onSubmit.
  • Private variables or functions: Prefix them with an underscore, e.g., _privateVariable, _privateFunction.

Remember that the most important aspect of naming conventions is consistency within your codebase. Consistently following a convention, even if it differs slightly from the ones mentioned above, will help maintain readability and make your code easier to work with.